Office 365 + Azure IoT + Cognitive Services = Smart Meeting Room Availability Dashboard

Stephan Bisser

In bigger companies (with more than 1000 employees), meeting rooms are highly demanded places and therefore are not easy to book (especially the ones with a Surface Hub in it). So if you as an employee are sitting in your office working on a bigger project, you will probably have a lot of meetings with your co-workers. Some might be planned days before and therefore the booking of a meeting room will not be a big deal. But what about ad-hoc meetings? If need to discuss an important milestone with your colleagues or draw some architecture designs on a whiteboard you probably need a suitable meeting space. So how can you get a meeting room now? Of course you could take a look at the Outlook calender of each and every meeting room (which would take some time if you have about 50 meeting rooms). You could also try your luck and walk over to each meeting room until you find a free one. But wouldn’t it be cool if you would have a dashboard in your SharePoint based intranet which shows the real-time availibility of your meeting rooms? This session should walk through the process of how to use Azure IoT services, Azure Cognitive Services and Office 365 in order to build up a nice meeting room availability dashboard, which gets seamlessly integrated into your SharePoint (Online) based intranet.‚Äč

Session Resources:

You will learn:

  • Azure IoT
  • Azure
  • Azrue Logic Apps
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Cognitive Services
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