Organizational Change Management when Adopting Office 365

Owen Allen

When moving to Office 365, the benefit to the IT Department is pretty clear. But how do we identify the benefit to the rest of the organization? A framework for identifying and prioritizing the most important and beneficial changes to how you run your business is important. Visit this session to learn why this is important and see some examples of how businesses in Seattle are changing how they operate to leverage the capabilities within and around Office 365.

Nate’s Take :

Change is hard. A lot of what I encounter in resistance to change can be attributed to language and relevance. Owen addresses this and more. For example, instead of thinking of each piece of O365 separately, think of (and talk about) the entire platform as a single tool. Be clear with users about why change is needed, what they need to do and how to do it. What’s helped me be successful in change management is being repetitive through multiple platforms. No matter how clear I think I’ve been, there will always be someone who missed the blog post, the email, and the in-person announcement at a staff meeting. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Nate Chamberlain, SharePoint Business Analyst.



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