Overview of all the migration option into Exchange Online

Jethro Seghers

Using Office 365 is the first decision in your journey. But suddenly the harsh reality sinks in, how do I bring all my data from my legacy systems into Office 365. How do I migrate my Google Mail into Exchange Online or my SBS server into Office 365. Microsoft has a few methodologies on how to achieve it but what are the gotchas you have to know to use these methodologies with the highest success chances. In this session we will talk about all the built-in options Microsoft provides with their pros and cons.

You will learn :

  1. Understand the different migration options
  2. Understand when to use what migration strategy
  3. Understand the limitation of each migration strategy
  4. Understand the pros of each migration strategy

Features Covered:

  • Migration

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Global Conference 2015 and was presented by Jethro Seghers .

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