How to use PowerApps with SharePoint Forms

Laura Rogers

In this episode, Laura Rogers teaches about Microsoft PowerApps for SharePoint forms, specifically how to use galleries, which are like repeating tables in a form.

[00:00:09] Hello everyone welcome. I’m Laura Rogers and this is SharePoint Power Hour. [4.3]

[00:00:13] This is my weekly show where I go for just all kinds of things and SharePoint and Office 365 out of the box pretty much. [8.9]

[00:00:23] I mean there are a million different topics that you can talk about in SharePoint and we go over just demo something for an hour every week or have conversations about things and kick things back and forth. [13.2]

[00:00:37] We’ve been doing this probably will probably have about 200 episodes at this point and I’m doing this for two or three years and basically we’re just I’m just going to be you know demoing different topics every every Wednesday at 11:00 central, I broadcast live. We have a little bit of housekeeping we have a Slack channel that we use for communicating or we want to have a conversation I’m doing that’s the whole point of doing it live is so we can have a conversation. People ask questions give input as I’m doing the demo which makes it fun and lively. So in the description for this YouTube video that you’re watching there is a link to get directly into the Slack channel if you have already been to it. And there’s also a link to a form to fill out to request to join in force I have to manually invite everybody. So if you request to join it while the broadcast is going probably won’t get in that day. So we have a little channel in there with hashtag Power Hour and that’s where we have the conversation during Power Hour. And basically today’s topic is going to be PowerApps. We did a PowerApps Power Hour probably about a year ago right when PowerApps came out the products a good bit different now. They made a lot of great improvements. So this isn’t going to be another just overview of what PowerApps is. [1:28.9]

[00:02:07] This is going to be a little bit overview but mostly just a deep dive into specifically working in PowerApps because I feel like there are a lot of overview PowerApp sessions in videos and things like that all over the place at this point. But I wanted to go ahead and give you guys a feel for what it’s like to when you’re building a SharePoint business solution in there with how to do something specific. So in today’s demo we’re going to be talking about galleries and PowerApps. Galleries are kind of like the same concept as sub grid sub tables repeating tables related lists in historically an info path. [40.6]

[00:02:48] That’s one of the things that people haven’t had have like doing in in Footpath form library farms is repeating lists but it’s always been a challenge to be able to have repeating lists in a form and not have it buried inside of the form when you’re using info path. [16.5]

[00:03:05] So it’s it’s usually suggested that you use your laded list as a different list and have sort of like a relational database but it’s just a lot of it’s kind of awkward to try and build that in SharePoint because there isn’t really just a quick out of the box way to just throw that table onto a form on the blog post or wrote a couple of years ago about in footpath and repeating tables another way that blog post has got hundreds of comments. Everybody is trying that because it really wants to do that. So this demo is shows how to do that same concept in power apps you can have in this example we have customers and we have projects that are related so any customer can have multiple projects and we can also have any customer have multiple times shoot entries in all these different things in our site that can be related to a customer. So this can be think about anything that you might have that’s any kind of relational database sort of business solution you’re doing in SharePoint you guys build a chime in and brainstorm in the chat window what kind of things do you like to have to be that are related to each other to be able to show the related items on a page. Is it expense report and expense details. Is it projects and tasks associated with a project is it maybe a traveller quest with associated tasks with that traveller quest. You guys feel free to brainstorm and chime in with some kind of things that you like to do that have you need to have that relational database concept in SharePoint site. [1:31.2]

[00:04:37] I get a lot of my audience. That’s the kind of things are doing is building solutions like that. So with PowerApps this is only an Office 365 but you can use on premises data in it. So if you do have like a hybrid scenario and you do have Office 365 licenses this is a potential product that you could use to marry together data that’s on-premises and in in the cloud and in multiple places. All right. I’ll go ahead and start off with a couple of demos quick demos of solutions that are built in PowerApps. [37.7]

[00:05:14] I’m going to start off by just showing a quick way that you can go into a list in SharePoint and turn it into a power app list a a list that’s got sort of power and as its PowerApps as its forms. So let’s see I’ll go ahead and take it. See if that a SharePoint list and share my screen. [22.2]

[00:05:41] You guys go ahead and use the hash tag PowerHour channel on here to give me your feedback as we go. [8.6]

[00:05:50] All right. [0.1]

[00:05:55] And everybody say good morning and just say hello to everybody join in. [4.9]

[00:06:01] OK so I’ll go ahead as I’m sharing my screen and it had just a SharePoint list here called travel requests. I have to be in the modern look to be able to do PowerApps. So if you hear list is not using the modern look you’re going to need to go change to either either default experience or default in your farm is modern or change it to a new experience so changing it to the default experience and mine does work. So you’ll notice that in the modern experience you’re going to have a couple of new fairly new buttons that might have appeared here that may or not show may or may not showing your tenant depending on if you if your engine has enabled the ability for you guys to use that. I’ll go ahead and click PowerApps and click create an app. Travel app. Now there are several different ways you can start from when you create a PowerApp. [1:02.1]

[00:07:03] This is just one way by starting from within a SharePoint list and this is sort of a really easy way because it builds a whole app for you and build some screens for you. So even if you don’t use this as your app you can use it as a basis for learning and just digging around and seeing how it’s built. [18.7]

[00:07:22] And just some thumps the thing to start with writes home guidance. [7.3]

[00:07:31] OK so here’s the power of it for me. So immediately when I see a power app in here I can use this little play button to preview it to see what it’s going to look like when people fill out or using this power app so it starts off with just it’s first of all puts it in a mobile viewed by default. And then it starts off by just showing a list of the items in your SharePoint list and then when you click on the arrow to go to any item you’re viewing it it’s like a display form and then you can click to delete it and you can also click to edit that item directly here. So probably I would want to have you know some of these things that maybe I wouldn’t want people to fill out. I want to be hidden or read only and from there that’s where I can tweak things in my in my power app. So go ahead and use this little back button navigation to get back to my main list. I can also search for things. So as soon as I type Hawaii I don’t even have to hit enter it just automatically filters to show those. [1:05.0]

[00:08:37] And then I can also sort these this is just sorting by looks like it’s sorting by something else not the location that I’m going to yeah. [11.0]

[00:08:49] So I’m not sure what it sorting might be another thing to dig in and try and find tune then I can also fill out a news so this is a new item for me I can fill out a new travel request and that puts the item directly in my SharePoint list when I do that. So that’s really and then I can refresh it. I want to get you know and I think there are new items in SharePoint repression see the new items. But this is what you get out of the box. It’s a form that shows you all the list of things a form that’s a display form and then a form that has an edit form. So if I click plus and I’m creating a new one or if I go to View on and I click edit the edit and the new form are really the exact same thing in the power app. So go ahead and X out of this little preview mode here. So just right off the bat how do people use this power at once I’ve created it on a list. [55.2]

[00:09:45] So go ahead and make sure and save this you can give it a cute little icon if I want to and get a name and a click save and I’m saving my power nap so I’ve got a name for it and all that information and then I can share it which takes me to another tab I think and it gets log in is a different account. It’s trying to log me and is a different tenant on the screen. [31.2]

[00:10:17] So every time I open up a new window it’s you know GPS gets confused in my authentication as you have to deal with an Office 365 everywhere. Let me go back to show you SharePoint so let me close this. I did save it and we’re going to show you what it looks like from one end points once you created it. So I’ve got a new view basically. So you would tend to I would think that I would just go back to PowerApps like this but if I go back to PowerApps I’m creating another app so you don’t want to create another app you want to go to your existing apps so I have travelled here. And that is basically a new viewing your list that it creates. So this is where it is I have a button to make this view private if I don’t want people to see it maybe I’m not ready for them to see it. Here’s where I can directly go back in and edited and later if I just want to remove this view I can do that. So this is not the end user would do they would go to this view and click open and then the power app opens as it fills up the whole screen. And it has been throwing out the power out. Not sure why it’s doing that today didn’t do that yesterday. But it has looked like it looks exactly like I just showed you with in the preview. So it fills up the whole screen that shows it exactly like I just showed you when I was previewing that app. [1:19.4]

[00:11:37] So there are a lot of different things you can do around. We’re not going to get too far into security and things like that in here but we’re going to go ahead and delve into that again more specifically the galleries. [13.7]

[00:11:52] So I’ll go ahead and I clicked at it in PowerApps. I’m back in the edit mood here and here I can see one thing I like to see and hear is I can see connections and the connections are what I’ve created. [18.8]

[00:12:15] I you just sign and see if it’s just me the. That’s a new one. I don’t know. I just did this demo last week and it wasn’t trying to get me to do a trial or. Sure. All right. [16.0]

[00:12:32] Connections connections are the same thing that you use and see it’s love to in is a different account. That’s why it’s confused about me needing a trial because the whole browser window thinks and I’m logged in as a different and a different tenant even though I’m logged into my wonderlaura10 and these other times this particular tap keeps trying to lure me into the other one. [21.5]

[00:12:55] So let me just add it here so we won’t run into that anymore. [4.7]

[00:13:02] The only one to you guys have that issue where you maybe have multiple tenants that you work in or customers and things like that where you have your browser gets all confused about which And it’s supposed to be used. [10.0]

[00:13:12] Using flow and PowerApps are really bad about that. So every time I go to like float on I usually double check my log in at the top right and usually have to log out and log in because it doesn’t know you know what I’m logged in as on all the other tabs. OK so here’s a travel app I just created. And here’s a little bit I’ll show you a little bit more information about it so I can see who it shared with. So the whole shared with or is user. And then Laura Rogers is the owner of the app. But then something important right here is the fact that it’s got a web link when you’re looking at the details of it. So as far as end users using this power up and filling it out you can always just grab this web link and use that maybe you know promoted links list on your site or somewhere easy and obvious that they can click on to say fill out a travel request or whatever they’re going to do instead of having them to go to the list go to the view click on the name of the view click Open which is you know four clicks That’s a lot. Right. So there’s your web link it’s going to be on the details tab when you’re looking at the information about your app. Ok so let’s go look at a couple of apps that have already created. Go back to the home of my power apps. [1:16.4]

[00:14:29] I can also get to this from within my Office 365 admin I go to all three men admin centers I have PowerApps and flow. They pretty much take me to there. They’re tied together so the screen looks very similar. I think it’s the exact same screen. They take me to for both of these but that’s how another way that you can get in here to manage all of your apps. And then the connections that you have are these are things that I’ve authenticated to. [32.1]

[00:15:01] These are all the different places that I cannot that I can use all these different types of data I can use within my power app and so make it so it makes all look like one can grow and at that it could be data from all these different places CRM SharePoint sales force Google MailChimp RSS feeds etc. even got slack in here. So that’s where the connections exist. Again I’m not going to go through all the details about connections. I’m going to go ahead and go into my power app and do my demo a couple of other examples of this specific thing with the customers and projects and then we’ll dig into the gallery so see how it’s confusing because a couple of other windows there. [47.8]

[00:15:53] OK so I want to open my power app that I dined recently to go look at this one OK. This is the same list of customers and projects but I’ve built it out and added a few more things. So let’s let’s talk about this. First of all this has been a little bit more time making this one pretty well go ahead and demo this so this has my customers and some social things I can do it looks a little weird because my resolution right now. But this is also an app on my phone that looks exactly like this when I pull it up using the PowerApps app just from the App Store iOS App Store. It looks exactly like this on my phone. So I’ve got my list of customers I can search them and you can click on them just like I showed you and I can go. I always have my navigation I can go back to the home screen when I click on a customer. Then I’ve got these are all the projects that tells me the name the customer just clicked on up here and then the word projects like if I go back and click on adventure works it says adventure works projects. [1:07.7]

[00:17:01] So I have that as dynamic and then I can go see these projects that the hours of each project is supposed to have is listed here. And then these outrages are actually a roll up from within the timesheet which is a separate SharePoint list. And it’s actually doing a sum in showing the live the hours use compared to how many hours you’re slated for the project go back and look at Contoso see this one’s pretty doing well. So then I added some conditional formatting to show one red and one green knows when to hover over these. They kind of pop out like that. [36.3]

[00:17:39] Also I can go look I’ve got another SharePoint I’ve got customers projects and time sheet but I can go look at the time for any given project. And so now it’s doing a filtered list of the time sheet for that one project and list the project up here and then go and in any of these. So all these different things in here are different screens that I’ve created. So this is a form to fill out for new time entry. I’ve got the list of projects I would probably want to have like. So here’s the button to create a new project. I don’t have that one connected anything yet but. So those are all screens in power apps. [37.4]

[00:18:16] So what I can show you today is this concept of this list of things which is a gallery. So this is a gallery of customers that call a customer gallery and this is a gallery of projects. And then of course they go here this is a gallery of timesheet entries. [14.9]

[00:18:31] So that is their terminology for having a list or having you know a list of anything in a power app is a gallery. All right so let’s go ahead and show. And so instead of doing everything with mobile app demos I went ahead and I can go ahead and pull that up and just kind of show you what it looks like in my mobile app it looks exactly like you see on the screen that I want to show you an example of a full screen demo. [25.5]

[00:18:57] So I created this one. So when you create it from within the SharePoint list like I did and I went through that little wizard it is only going to created as mobile. [10.4]

[00:19:09] But if you go just what I did in this case is I opened up the PowerApps actual Windows application that I got from the App Store on my computer on my Windows 10 computer and I clicked to start from new blank template just as a tablet view. So the tablet is the size of this one. [20.5]

[00:19:30] So this could be more like a full SharePoint solution that would fill up the whole page with all kinds of different things going on and you could have dashboards that way. [10.7]

[00:19:41] So when you go into PowerApps on your computer it’s got a lot of demo content a lot of demo things that Microsoft has created a highly encourage you to go look at those that are much prettier and shiny than mine. And they have a lot of like pretty buttons and images and. They’re much more polished. But in this case and so I wanted to just kind of go over some more some technicals about these concepts. [22.7]

[00:20:04] I didn’t want to spend a ton ton of time you know trying to make it pretty simple that one of them. [6.4]

[00:20:11] So this is what our athletes like that I’ll be showing you that I’m going to be digging into now. And it’s just basically one screen right now it’s just customers listed down here and several scroll bar. And as I click through each customer I can see the details this can be a full detail page with all kinds of information about that customer. And then I got the associated projects get filtered quickly by that customer. [25.8]

[00:20:37] As I click through them and you guys chime in and let me know if you have questions just as I’m doing this stuff so go ahead and close my little preview and let’s dig into the nitty gritty so I’m going to create a new screen instead of just starting with the one that I showed you. I’m going to create a new one so I’ll do new screen and I can name them too. [22.9]

[00:21:00] So by default the screen and screen. And these are going to be like views in info pack. So this is going to be the same concept you get the same set of data. But the screens are going to be just different ways to view it. [12.6]

[00:21:14] Now I have a little quick way over here with this layout tab where I can pick kind of how I want this to look. Do I want it to be a list of things with pictures or whatever and I could quickly quickly click one and it would fill it in for me and then I’d have to point it to the right data or I can just take that and delete it and I can just insert my own thing here so I can insert a gallery. So that’s what I’ll start with is inserted gallery. So when I first started gallery this is just going to be a list of customers so I can see that if I had you know maybe some customers that I had like each customer’s logo or something in there to make them look nice I could do one that has images in it. But in this case it’s just going to be words. So I’ll just do insert a vertical gallery and the steps that I’m going through are what I went through in my in that blog post so nice. [57.6]

[00:22:11] So here’s a travel request. This is the app so it looks really nice if you want people to be able to just fill out time sheets or fill out or you know travel requests and things like that just on their computer on their phone while they’re on the go and you could even do fancy things like phantom scanning receipts and all that. [17.0]

[00:22:29] So as you can see when the when it’s on mobile it looks exactly my phone like it did on a screen in here. [6.1]

[00:22:39] Blake says is there not a way to use the template that’s automatically created from a SharePoint list and change it to a tablet. Now that I know a flake would be nice. [7.8]

[00:22:47] I haven’t seen noticed a way to be able to do that. Nothing obvious. All right. Why insert a gallery on a page is just going to have all this fake data in it. But I need to point it to what data I want. Now I’ve already created my data sources. These are my customers and my projects lists if I have time I might add a third one and see how that works with the time. But I want to try and focus on the gallery so my gallery is my list of information. So for items up here we have all these different properties we can choose from items as the default one it’s going to show here so I want to say I want the items to be my customers. [38.9]

[00:23:27] So as soon as I start typing it shows me customers is one of my options and that’s just the name over here of my data source and even my sheer pointless customers. [9.9]

[00:23:39] Jim says How about security when using the mobile to the side and with SharePoint. Yes that just uses your SharePoint credentials in the in the mobile app just like if you went to the SharePoint mobile app and you use your credentials. And then I can’t resize. This is pretty freeform I can take it and move it around for a while and make it more narrow and then say I’ve got a few things I’ve got kind of the way it looks and the way it works. And then I’ve got what do I want the data to be in here and what I want it to do. So first of all cut the gallery tab so I can run the nice little things I can do as I can pick you know make the template via a certain size or have certain padding. Having to do with this whole template I can change the layout so quickly to horizontal or vertical. Now what I need to drag these boxes and they go the other way on the page. My transition is going to be as you hover down the page. See I chose pop. So as I hover over each thing it pops out. That’s what Pop is. So I chose my transition of pop and I’m in I can also say whether I want the scroll bar to show or not. When people are looking at the scholars they could be able to scroll down show navigation which is this little arrow that lets them go down. And then with our snap to a grid disable the visible world. So just more visual stuff having to do with that. [1:27.4]

[00:25:08] And then I’ve got Lhotse on the home tab just in general. It’s a nice idea to get in the habit of naming things correctly so when I put a gallery on the screen it just defaults to gallery 1 am going to call it assumer gallery. Actually I’m at the customer gallery too because on the other screen already built out that’s when I called customer gallery. See here called that one customer gallery. So I just need to make that gathering. So this is just customer gallery too just because I’m demoing this and building the same thing over again. All right. And then. So giving it a good name because I’m going to use that in other places so it’s going to be important. I also might want to give your screens better names too. Now when I’m in my gallery I notice that it’s got it’s just put title as every field. So what I can do is not don’t you can’t click in just any one of these items down the page when you click on the first one. The first one is what lets you edit basically what happens in all these items and how they look. So click on that first item in the tab to configure first of all you’re going to configure what fields are showing here. So World wingtips I want that first one to be it says title that’s the title field for SharePoint that’s fine that’s what I want that one to be the next one I might want that to be something else I might want that to be whenever that item was created. [1:32.0]

[00:26:42] I might have a picture or a bunch of other metadata that you might have having to do with that customer and maybe showing just a couple of things here in that list of customers so this third one that’s got Roebling tips I’m outlining that I don’t need to have three pieces of metal data so I can just delete that and just leave that whole box. And now it’s just giving me too. All right so now I’ve got this box and I can actually watch this when I drag this up. It narrows them all down see. So as I put thing as I do things in this top box it nears the exact same thing all the way down the page to all of them might still want to make that you know. And then I can make this look a little nicer like I can go insert maybe a little shape in here. [51.8]

[00:27:35] Answer. I think I’ll insert a button. [8.7]

[00:27:45] I really just want to be one to be like a button to press or just want it to be like a sheep in here. So. [6.8]

[00:27:55] Search text box button Tech want me to Chaison the things that I insert text box that inserts that can be another field so if insert a text box it would prompt me to fill in that other field for I want to add one back in there. [14.5]

[00:28:11] But another thing I can do would be to have a button that I want to do something text which gives me different types of text input controls gives me a lot of different items that can do buttons and drop downs date pickers etc.. This one’s just a view of all the customers. So it don’t need to have much they’re going to be doing to interact with it right now. And then of course gallery and don’t want to insert a form and don’t want to insert me so I could have images and things or be able to capture things from my camera in PowerApps. [34.4]

[00:28:47] Let me go ahead and see. [2.3]

[00:28:53] I just want a shape. I could’ve sworn just shapes were one of the things that you could insert in here. It’s a little weird. I don’t see it any. [8.1]

[00:29:05] OK here I’ll just go grab one here from my other one that I was doing. [6.1]

[00:29:12] See it’s just a little blue box. May copy and paste it every now and then and here you know you’ll find just like a lot of things in the clouds lately you’ll find things that move or get rearranged in who knows where they went. Right. You guys experience that. So put a nice little pretty blue bar there. And now I can kind of made it a little shorter but I have a nice little delineator between them all. And I can also do a border around this whole thing so I can say maybe I want a border of one so now I’ve got a border around my whole gallery and fast select. So if I select this box not the not the actual fields but the whole box itself. Then that’s where I could do things that like that would happen around whatever I’m selecting. All right. So I’ve got my data in here. I’ve got showed you how to kind of rearrange it you can add more fields and here you could add buttons let me know if you have questions and then that’s just a gallery and all that. Again all this gallery is showing is the list of projects so items. It’s just I mean just customers. Also you have the ability to look at my little blog post I did you’ll have the ability to do some other things in here like sort it. So let’s go ahead and add one thing we’ll just add sorting in here for sorting. [1:31.6]

[00:30:44] You have to do this little do a little function to sort by sort by columns that and I’m pretty sure it’s since we get so fast just start typing sort by columns. Fix it. So as I’m building a function here as long as I know what the function supposed to start with then it will let me kind of hint. Give me a hint as to what goes inside of that function. Kind of like an Excel. And then I can say OK what table do I want to sort it’s going to be customers. That’s my data and that’s memorized originally had there were customers in there. And then what column do I want to sort of pie. That’s going to be what’s the pick for my column so I’ve only got three right here. And then what sort order ascending or descending. So I’ll do ascending and then close my current the CS and then now I see that they’re sorted alphabetically. Nice song. Now I’ll go ahead and skip to putting that list of projects on form. Maroon says there are dynamic forms they’ll be rolling out soon. Are you talking about in power amps or something else. Yeah just let me know what you’re referring to exactly. Are you trying to something in the context of what we’re doing. Okay so then I’m going to go ahead and show you. Since since this whole concept is about galleries and how to filter them and skip over for now the part where it shows all the details that’s the form. So maybe we’ll do forms in another Power Hour session but I’ll go ahead and put the other gallery in here of the projects Sogo insert and choose gallery. OK. Moran says empower us. [2:01.4]

[00:32:46] Look at what’s different about these dynamic forms you’re referring to. That is not already in there is it different than the forms they’re at because they already have forms. So no cheating by dynamic forms will be interesting. OK so I’ll do another vertical gallery and you could have you know be creative you’d have one vertical and horizontal or something like that but I’m not very creative and I just want to show you guys the functionality is here. OK. Here’s another gallery with a bunch of fake information. So I want this to be projects so that gives me kind of prompts me. Projects. Projects is the name of my data source. That’s my SharePoint list. And then I want to give it a good name. So instead of letting it be called Gallery 2 I’ll let it be called Project 2. So again since I already have another in this other screen that ideomotor have one called Project gallery. And then maybe I want to narrow this down a little bit so in here this is where I can have all the details about each project so get the name of that project. These don’t show an order I’m not sure why but I’ve got the name the title of the project and then put the title as everything that I want to change some of these other things so I can go change this to the in the hours. [1:22.8]

[00:34:09] And in this third one can be Project Start here and then I’ll want to have more information about what those fields are because all it’s showing these is the values. So [14.2]

[00:34:23] I could just check the word ours in here. Inside of this where I can make this look more like Hollams if I want to so watch this I’ll take this gallery and move it down a little bit and I can have the name of the project maybe a little bit smaller. That’s. [21.5]

[00:34:45] And then I can have one. [1.7]

[00:34:48] And it could have an hour’s column and then a date column. So watch this. [3.9]

[00:34:52] Can take hours and move it over. [5.0]

[00:34:59] So this is I want to show you the concept of having columns and here without feeling like you have to have them listed all down the page with all the fields one above you know on top of the next one. So if I do it this way then I’ll be able to move this way over so that customer. So the project name can take up more space that’s and I can also make this text box have an auto height so auto hide is true and that way it’ll expand. It’ll get longer and then see narrow that down and then I can have a nice pretty little. I’ll take this little blue box and I’ll copy it just paste it and then. Oh that’s. I didn’t copy and paste the blue box I just copied and pasted the text. [45.6]

[00:35:44] Would it do that. [0.8]

[00:35:45] Just want to copy and paste the blue box. [4.3]

[00:35:50] Me this is we go take this blue box copy paste in a minute create a nice little pretty blue box at the top of this as maybe some column headers. So that’s where I can type project name so I can insert another text. [23.1]

[00:36:13] I just take this text box a half copy and paste it. [2.8]

[00:36:17] I can say Project Name wind it up you can see how you could get time consuming and the text is just a project on copy and paste that and say hours is a lot of what I do and here is from seeing how it’s done in existing apps in Microsoft’s little demo apps and copying and pasting. Are just kind of using that to learn from. So I encourage you guys to do that. Just call that date. That’s like the start date could shorten that date. OK. So this is a concept of having a table in here and then I can also do like to a bottom border maybe we’re Cygnus up at my border thickness and the whole thing so I can take another little box like that. Put it inside. [1:05.6]

[00:37:23] Here we go. [2.0]

[00:37:27] And get creative with the colours etc.. [2.6]

[00:37:31] Where did it go. Disappeared. [3.3]

[00:37:38] Here we go. All right. [1.3]

[00:37:42] Kind of nice. Probably too much. OK columns. All right. [5.7]

[00:37:53] Impressive you guys I mean more questions now. [4.7]

[00:38:02] Ooh. Nice. Good to know. All right. So now I want this whole gallery to be filtered to only show the ones for this project. Right. So then that’s where I have to do a filter. And this is another one of the things that I listed in that blog post so say items like the way it’s got bold. If it’s something I’ve said or done something with it’s got it folded in here so go ahead and do items and then instead of just showing a list of all projects I’m going to type filter. It’s the do it’s case sensitive filter and then what am I filtering filtering projects. [43.6]

[00:38:49] And then what’s the logical test so what’s the filter that I’m doing. So I want the IDs look up field in my projects list that looks up to my customer list. Show you that over in SharePoint. [13.8]

[00:39:03] Real quick. [0.4]

[00:39:08] I want to show you what it looks like in SharePoint so you get the full gist of kind of what where this is coming from and what’s it doing here is it again my list of customers so when I’m doing things my power and just writing directly to this list my projects and then each project has just a lookup field to the customer so it’s hot customer look up and that way that Tomaso shitting each project with which customer goes to. All right so that’s what’s going on behind the scenes so that look up field is already in place. [37.5]

[00:39:46] So that’s what I’m going to be pointing to when I write this the syntax of this that I’m about to write. [5.1]

[00:39:52] OK. So it’s going to be filtered by projects where the customer look up where the customer look up dot. [10.8]

[00:40:03] Now important this is important. Look up fields in SharePoint. The way they store the data it’s just by the ID of the item you’re looking up to. So that’s why we actually have to use the dot I.D. in here to point to that you can’t just put customer look up it has to be dot I.D. and that’s what will give you the correct filter so that I.D. equals and then I have to tell it which item that I selected in the customer gallery that selected the and again this is all listed in my blog posts. Now whichever one I selected it immediately shows the right one over here. So we’ll go do a little preview of it and so have so find time for that law. And now I can quickly click between my customers and see their projects. OK. So I also might want to combine what I’m doing with this filter though with some of the other things that I need to do like sort them so some other things that we can do is get the filter in place. But remember on this other one we had it sorted as well. So to do all these multiple things in my gallery I actually have to put some functions inside of functions to do this. So another number I’m going to show them to separately so you can see what each one does. I already showed you the sorting line. I’ll show you the search one. So for the search one you actually have to have a search box and for that sort by you just hardcoded sorts a sort value in there. [1:50.4]

[00:41:54] Or you could also have a sort button if you wanted them to be able to quickly do a sending in the sending. What I’m going to do here is show you what that little search box looks like. And you know you might remember that you saw that whenever we quickly created the very first thing demo that we did we quickly created a travel request a little PowerApp and it automatically had all these pretty little buttons at the top like a search box in a sort box and refresh all those buttons. So that is the what we can do if we want to actually have them search for things we need. And the search as a filter on the gallery so that when they type a word it actually impacts what’s showing in the gallery. So just searching out just sticking a text box and saying search on it doesn’t really make it a search box in here. [49.5]

[00:42:44] Arts So let’s take this whole thing take this is like this. This is it me but see it. [11.5]

[00:42:57] I’ll take this whole thing and move it down a little bit so we could put a search box at the top of customers as well. I’m going to show you how it works. [7.6]

[00:43:05] Doing it here on top of my home this one does. [4.7]

[00:43:10] But yet as a day I got paid then we can go ahead and stick a search box in here so inserts and I’m going to do a I want them to be able to type into a text box of text input. [23.8]

[00:43:37] And make that the search box and then we can put a cute little search icon next to it too. [7.8]

[00:43:45] So for text instead of it saying text input we’re going to make it say. Let me show you a little more features that are here so text and put one when I have any of these controls selected in PowerApps I have more advanced things I can do over here so I have all my properties over here that I can pick from but I also have them all listed here. It’s like the data default value says text input but I could also do hint text so search here or something like that would be my hint text and I could have a default by nothing. And so look sieved that look nice it’s not like the little words grid search here posted. And then I’ve got a need to make this so that basically whatever word you type here is going to filter that box down there with it. Now I could misspell search and search. I can also give my text input a better name other than just text input. So I want to maybe make it make a little more sense when I’m working with it so I can go find a little property down here that lets me rename things. Where is that. Oh wait no. Here it is. [1:23.4]

[00:45:09] So renaming things remember renaming things is up here saw it search text. [7.0]

[00:45:23] And so now that has a name. And now I just need to make this gallery filter to whatever is in that name. Filter the title and the name. So you’re going to pick which field you want to filter by and then filter it. [16.4]

[00:45:39] OK. Any questions let me know. [2.1]

[00:45:43] OK so the next thing is to add the search functionality in here. [5.4]

[00:45:49] So I’ll do the search here. [5.7]

[00:45:56] In it’s case since then. So this is the thing that I’m searching through this filtered list of projects and then take text search box see a nice name for it so it makes sense it’s easy to find it here right. So it is a little kind of OCD and meticulous to go naming everything in here but it helps makes it a lot easier to be able to find what you’re looking for and when you’re dealing with having direct functions. [28.7]

[00:46:26] So I’m going to do. What am I searching. [2.3]

[00:46:30] Tech search past. What type of value is it. It’s text not text but the text that they type in it. And then what am I sorting what field in my searching. [13.5]

[00:46:44] And it prompts me down here to pick which field I’m searching so that I can use that and look at that and it cool. [8.3]

[00:46:52] So now the tests that all type internet so I don’t even have to have a button a search button to trigger the search as soon as I start typing something. [15.4]

[00:47:08] It narrows it down pretty nice. So it’s very immediate. Now I guess if you wanted to have a search box for you can potentially have a search box for each column you could actually have a sort button for each column too that could be hairy because if you had a search button for each column. Think of how many commands you would have to have in here to program what all the sort order needed to be you’d have to have multiple ones of those sort by columns commands. Right. So that could get tricky so just kind of keep in mind when you’re building these what how come. Hey we really need to make it because it is a little time consuming to you know drag on these little boxes around and change all the little colours and name that name all the controls et cetera. So let’s go ahead and stick a sort of box on here Sue I will insert in I have all these nice little icons I can pick from. So I can pick one that has a nice little arrows up and down is a sort of box. And I can take it and put it over here. [1:09.8]

[00:48:20] So there’s my sort box and I need to make it do something. [5.7]

[00:48:27] So I want my sort box to first of all I want to have a name call it sorts Latin. And then this is the one I haven’t done as much but I want to. So I might become fumbling around with this one but I’ll go ahead and say when people click this I want to be able to topple back and forth because I want the value of it to make basically never that click it toggles value back and forth which will make this sort basically up and down. [37.2]

[00:49:05] So go ahead and do the syntax of what this needs to look like to have the sort in here so we’ve got the filter first we just get the good old projects less That’s all we had in there originally remember. And then we have the filter to filter it to just show the ones for that particular customer. And then on top of that we added the search so that we can use the search box. It uses whatever you’re searching for and then on top of that will add the sort. [27.8]

[00:49:36] So we’re icons in an open parentheses and then sort by columns. [5.7]

[00:49:42] All of that and then we get to use the right if the upper case. [13.6]

[00:49:57] So basically if it’s going to look at how much the value of sorting is sending and be able to toggle back and forth that’s why I’m doing an if statement here is sort Niecy one of sort OK. [31.2]

[00:50:28] Yes just thinking OK it’s going to be the name of my button sort button sort button sort descending one sort button. So busy looking at my blog post Rudel this sort order diet for her. It kind of know who populate things for you but you still kind of have to know what you’re starting to type you know whether you to put a dot at the end of it etc.. [35.2]

[00:51:09] Sort Order but it is it is not a sending Oh my goodness. [11.8]

[00:51:21] OK so sort by columns and then open parentheses search filter upcoming projects. Got my text search box and I’ve got mine. Yeah. [10.0]

[00:51:32] My whole statement is in here and then sort button magical text case are fun. [11.2]

[00:51:43] You guys kind of get the drift it’s kind of complicated. Yeah I know this is this is very devy I agree. This is getting this is hard to figure out like it takes a little bit to work through these. This is not this is not info path. This is not you know just quickly clicking a button to say you know let this button sort the values are this button do a search. I mean if you have to write commands for a lot of things in here yeah that’s pretty funny. [26.9]

[00:52:11] So my sorc button is going to be my logical text which is this little value right here needs to be my logical text as to what I don’t think that I’m sorting sorts gives almost a left something out in here that it’s not true. [25.5]

[00:52:46] Yeah I don’t know. This is sort of true. If something then sort of descending or otherwise sort ascending. So that’s the part that I’m missing here. Yeah that’s like I said when I first put this button on the form this is not something that I like practised ahead of time so that one thing is a must have the syntax wrong for it to want to double check that it sort of becomes it’s just. [31.2]

[00:53:21] Sort this sort is. Yeah, see that’s not like a thing that does not have value. [13.5]

[00:53:35] It’s not a name of anything. OK. If I figure out something’s wrong with this and I type something wrong in my block first I’ll fix that because that’s important to know. Right. Take up the sword my columns things so we did a sort by call them successfully by itself over here. So it’s just the toggling the sorting of columns. That is the trick. Right now all I have to do to figure this out though and save this is now just to figure this out all I need to do is go look at that app that I create. It’s only to go look at that travel app. Now if you ever need to look at two apps at the same time here like this one I have opened up in the client software and then I can go open up another one to the web because it won’t let you have more than one open in the client app at the same time unfortunately. So once you have the client app the windows 10 app open it doesn’t let you have two of them open so you could open up one in the web and one on the client or two in the web and be able to toggle back and forth. That’s how I learned this stuff is just by digging in and looking at these things to be able to tell you know how I need to do certain syntax. And Microsoft does have a help page that you know has some syntax that some of these things in it and has some documentation that its PowerApps Domke PowerApps that Microsoft Amerie can go look at that stuff. [1:27.6]

[00:55:03] So see I can see this is all the exact. Now all this one is missing that I had in my projects list that I don’t. This concept doesn’t exist in years and my projects less than filtering by the project having met certain customer id of the customer that I have selected. So this one has everything else in and it has the sort by columns it has to search because of the search box up here and then it’s got the sort order etc.. [26.4]

[00:55:30] So let’s go look at that sort button. Ok look at that. See that’s what I’m missing. [3.6]

[00:55:35] On select update context. [2.2]

[00:55:37] So take that and copy it over and have to do that in my app. [6.5]

[00:55:44] We’ll see if I can just do that on the fly on my button here on select update contex sort descending one answers. [9.2]

[00:55:53] OK. And then that will make my syntax make much more sense right. [4.9]

[00:55:59] Yeah Barun showing it to me yet. Did you do hot out of my power out of my blog posts. That’s what I was looking at my blog post. [8.2]

[00:56:07] I just didn’t have the button do I didn’t have that value in the button for unselect So that’s what I was missing here so that needs to be in place first sort by columns in then at the very end when you’re sort of you know wrap a wrapper around this and then which column is it going to be it’s going to be the title. [21.3]

[00:56:29] And then that’s going to be I’m not just going to put a ascending or descending. I’m going to put the you know let it use that top button. [8.5]

[00:56:38] So that’s why I had to do an if statement if this one sort of sending one name. That going to be heroes. [28.1]

[00:57:10] You did it. Oh there you go. Aha. OK. Now let’s try that. [8.2]

[00:57:21] The wrap for my blog post. Q Are you able to get to wonder Laura dotcom and just look at the home page because that that is the latest blog post in there. [8.0]

[00:57:30] OK so you look at that it works. [4.5]

[00:57:36] OK. [0.3]

[00:57:37] So took me an hour but I was able to get into sort of some nitty gritty about galleries in here and a little bit about just getting around in here. So once you have your gallery again just sort of a recap you’d have the ability to fine tune some things up here in your gallery to do some more advanced things you can switch over from options over to advanced over here so whatever you have selected like a have a gallery selected here. This is where you can see all your properties and be able to really dig into every single tiny little facet of whatever property you have selected. And then as far as what shows in the gallery you need to look at the items property year. And there’s also an item’s property in here. Same exact thing. These properties over here match with the same properties that you’ll see listed on the right side and then you just need a write a function to make that show specifically want you to see what you want to see. Or you could just type the name like I did at the very beginning just the name of the data sources and that would be the easiest way. [1:02.2]

[00:58:41] All right. Thanks guys. I had to re post the URL to my blog post for some reason right before we got started because WordPress has generated some weird different. You were out for it for some reason. Not sure why it’s a screen. But now it looks like it’s working fine. [15.3]

[00:58:57] We can get to it right. I will switch back over. See. [6.5]

[00:59:06] Thanks everybody. Let’s see you he. Feel free to write suggestions just informally just in slack for other topics you want to do but I don’t have any topics for next week written down in I’m not sure from the take that office of the day now would I have my own company. I didn’t even ask you to kind of I don’t really play my vacation so my take vacation might not have a boss but I have decided I want to be a vacation next week to do Irv I’m do Power Hour but I might skip a week and so yeah let me get let me know just kind of what topics you might want to go over. We’ve got hundreds in there already but they’re always you know Chloe’s again more nitty gritty into specific things in PowerApps or flow etc.. All these new technologies and those changing so lots of new fun things to learn as we go right. So again wonder Laura that column is my blog. I love you. Dot com is my ship on training company and we have Power Hour every Wednesday 11 Central and go and subscribe to my LWT newsletter to get notified about these and to get notified about training classes that are coming up and discounts and just kind of fun news and I hope you guys have some great holidays. [1:18.2]

[01:00:25] It’s a weird week because Christmas is on Saturdays so the holidays are kind of some people are taking off this week and some people are taking off next week. But you guys have a great one and thanks for coming in. You might re-allocation today but appreciate it. [13.1]

[01:00:40] Thanks. Yeah thanks guys. I am over now. Hi see if I can get this turn my. [7.3]


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