Raspberry Pi, Azure and Office365 – How MoCaDeSyMo informs us about lunch

Thomy Goelles

The session covers the story of MoCaDeSyMo, a Raspberry Pi taking pictures and uploading them to Azure. With the power of the Azure Custom Visions Service, based on a trained image recognition model we are able to tell if the local food truck is already here or not. MoCaDeSyMo than uses Microsoft Teams to inform the different subscribers. For further reference, all the information is also assessable through a SharePoint Online site.

You will learn:

  • Setup Raspberry Pi for Azure use cases: uploading to blob storage
  • How a microservices architecture provides the system
  • How to use Custom Visions Api in an Azure Function
  • How to connect to MS Teams via a connector
  • How to integrate bot framework for more channels


Thomas Goelles MoCaDeSyMo Raspberry Pi Azure Office365.pptx

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