Michal Pisarek
  • Many organizations are struggling with Intranet on SharePoint, this session shows real life examples and best practice
  • How to structure Intranet Information Architecture based on Best Practices​
  • Tips and tricks on how the make SharePoint a great Intranet platform
  • Why the majority of SharePoint projects fail (Tip: It’s not the technology)
  • Functional areas that SharePoint excels at and some of its weaknesses
  • Why alignment between IT and the business is a huge factor for success
  • How to properly structure change management efforts
  • Who you need on your intranet team for a successful journey
  • A range of SharePoint specific examples that can improve your SharePoint Intranet with a minimal investment.

Features Covered:

  • Search
  • Web Content Management
  • Collaboration
  • Custom Development
Session Objectives:
  • ​Why your intranet probably sucks on SharePoint
  • How to use out of the box search features to improve Intranet search
  • how to structure your Intranet IA around best practices
  • what other organizations are doing in creating great Intranets

This session was delivered at the SPBiz Conference and was presented by Michal Pisarek.

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