SharePoint and Azure: Integrating systems with the Azure Service Bus

Gustavo Velez

There are several situations where SharePoint needs to integrate with external systems, either for its own functioning or to deliver information to the back office. The Service Bus is one of the mechanisms available in Azure to connect applications and services, offering a high availability, high speed instrument at low costs. The use of the Azure Service Bus in SharePoint projects is an interesting possibility, not only technically but also facing the business requirements. In this chat we will take a look to the use of Azure Service Bus as a middle for SharePoint to exchange information, and its use in some more advanced scenarios.

You will learn:

  • What is the Azure Service Bus
  • Creation and configuration of the Azure Service Bus
  • Using the Azure Service Bus to exchange information with SharePoint
  • Architecture of combined SharePoint/Service Bus systems
  • Developing with the Service Bus
  • Benefits, best practices and points to take in consideration
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