SharePoint Framework the future of SharePoint development

Dinusha Kumarasiri

SharePoint Framework, a page and part model that enables fully supported client-side development, easy integration with the Microsoft Graph and support for open source tooling.

This will be the trend for any SharePoint customization. In this session I will describe the SharePoint framework and walkthrough a practicel sample which uses AngularJS and Kendo UI.

Furthermore I will talk about the approach we take to migrate current SharePoint solutions to the SharePoint Framework.

In this session you will learn:

  • SharePoint Framework in general
  • Advantages of SharePoint Framework
  • How to migrate current projects
  • SharePoint Framework with AngularJS
  • SharePoint Framework with Kendo UI
  • Client side / OpenSource tooling

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Global Conference 2016 and was presented by Dinshua Kumarasiri.

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