Getting started with Office 365 Planner

Laura Rogers

In this session Laura Rogers and Corey Emmons take a look at Office 365 Planner. They introduce you to what it is and how it can be used.

[00:00:01] Hello everyone, welcome this is SharePoint Power Hour. I’m Laura Rogers and this is Cory Emmons. And apparently Google Hangouts is getting rid of Google Hangouts and it’s all going to YouTube, a different format. So we were scrambling for the past 10 minutes or so. The old link that I had created for the event in YouTube now is nonexistent. Anyway, Google Hangouts got her to go hang out. Had to go through her create a new in about 15 minutes ago. So that’s why it’s on a different URL so I’ll try and get that all out to everybody. [41.7]

[00:00:44] But let’s see as usual we have a channel and we have everyone come say hello and chat and it’s my day and my company. [12.5]

[00:00:57] is the channel that we that we use and we have a little channel in there called Power Hour and that’s where we have conversations and ask questions and going to be the one doing the presentation today and it’s going to be all about Planner. So you got you guys join in the chat. Come say hi. And as usual Feel free to ask your questions as we go and have a conversation. [30.3]

[00:01:27] And Corey, what is Planner? [2.9]

[00:01:31] You know that’s a good question because up until this week I had no idea it even existed that allowed. But I will say it’s actually pretty cool. And with that I guess I’ll go inside. I actually was all fancy and created a presentation so I guess I’ll just go into that. I remember I share my screen. There it is. Do you do that on Friday. [31.3]

[00:02:03] And Laura you did the presentation to everyone. [7.2]

[00:02:11] So I guess we’re set. All right. So Office 365 Planner. Woo. So before we really get started I actually for the first time ever actually made a little ‘about me’ slide I think Laura has one so I can I have one. So born and raised in North Jersey, I do consulting work and I work for Laura and generally do all sorts of SharePoint stuff. Doing it for a while and I’m on Twitter and sometimes I actually post things even. And I had to find some sort of picture of me so they go that’s me kayaking. So. Microsoft Planner. What is it? If you want to get to the really really simple like bases of it, it’s really just a really clever version of a task list. But they did all sorts of stuff to it to make it really useful integrated in other pieces of SharePoint and Office to make it kind of like this planning portal that lets you really just look over all sorts of tasks for different projects or different teams and stuff like that. So that’s what Planner is let’s go into some basic terminology. So there are three different pieces of Planner inside it. So there are cards and those are those tasks that I was talking about. So if you think about SharePoint Tasks they have you know descriptions and titles and do dates and start dates and you know assign to and all that jazz, but cards have some additional stuff. [1:59.3]

[00:04:11] So, in a card you can have an attachment, you can assign them to categories and you can even have conversations within certain tasks, so if someone had has a question about a task they can just ask it in with about a card they can just ask it and then you know it can start this this whole conversation. The cards are then organised into what they’re calling buckets, which are basically groups of cards organised by a single either project or a timeline or something like that. They can be re-ordered. They can be prioritised. You can tag them with pretty colours, lots of colours in Microsoft Planner. It’s it’s kind of cool. So that’s the buckets. And then we have boards. So if you think of like you know marketing team they would have a board and then the marketing team would create different buckets for different projects. So they could have you know a bucket for a new for creating a new letterhead a bucket for creating you know new marketing materials different you know different things like that and the board essentially organises all of that and gives everyone a high level overview of what’s going on within that board. So that’s the terminology that I’ll probably be using for the rest of this presentation so keep note. That’s how we’re going to call this stuff. So, like I said these cards is what a card looks like you’re familiar with tasks. It looks kind of similar. It’s organised a little better. [2:17.4]

[00:06:28] It’s kind of prettier. [1.1]

[00:06:31] Now one thing that I have noticed is I don’t think you can customise them as far as what they look like what they show. It’s a very just boiler plate. This is what they are. But as you can see you can you can add people to them. So you know assigned to essentially you can change their their buckets if you created a task card and all of a sudden you realise oh that’s in the wrong project. You can you know move it around. Change the status start due date. Obviously you can add to do lists which I think is really useful. Descriptions – pretty self-explanatory. One thing that’s kind of cool for the descriptions is you can actually show them on the card when they’re when they’re being viewed in the in the high level overview which you’ll see later. You can add attachments and links and down the bottom here is this conversation’s thing that I was talking about so all in line on this card you can have a conversation with its whole history which is pretty cool. So these buckets. So as you can see each bucket is presented vertically. So all of the cards within a bucket are are shown in the order of what I’m doing hand gestures and you know you can see them really well right. All of the tasks cards are created are shown in order by due date and it’s a very clean design. It allows drag and drop which is very cool up at the top here you can just add new cards really quick. You can rename the buckets right at the top. [1:56.1]

[00:08:28] You can add new buckets you can. And it’s not on this on this picture but the that description show on card. If you check that box the description will actually show Inside the card here. When you have attachments on the card it’ll show a preview of the attachment right on the card which is very cool. And then one thing that I really liked is that when you’re looking at this you can just mark these things complete just by hovering over them. Nice big green check box appears. So you don’t even have to open it you just like is done. All right. It’s buckets and then boards. So this is the overall look of all the boards on the right here. So as you can see in this in this instance online marketing has a board product launch has a board every department basically has their own board. And it gives you like a high level overview with a nice little pious chart of how these how these boards are doing would a board be like for a whole project and then it has to do so keep clicking China in my head I’m trying to picture what the structure is I know that’s exactly what you’re trying to explain. Right. So if you think of it from the top down it goes. Board bucket card. So this picture is actually of not of a board. This picture is just an over. This is the Planner hub. So these are all of the boards just showing here. So what I’m assuming is is based on permissions you will see the boards that you are. You have permissions to see. [2:00.8]

[00:10:29] So the online marketing team might only see the online marketing board here. [4.5]

[00:10:35] Then you have to do is inside of a card the to do thing your show. [3.9]

[00:10:39] Yes he had the To Do list is actually inside of a card inside of a task. So the buckets are these three columns here. These are the buckets. And so this view right here is actually a board. So like in this instance this is the online marketing board that you’re seeing in this picture with all of its buckets showing. If that makes sense yes that makes sense now. [31.1]

[00:11:11] Yeah. [0.2]

[00:11:15] But there’s more. It’s not just buckets and cards and boards and it sounds like we’re going to carpentry school here. There are many other things. It doesn’t just organise. There are some cool charts as you can see in this screenshot. There are calendars and members and notebooks and conversations and files. So we’ve seen some of these things already we saw in the conversations those are within the cards but we’ll also see another spot where they’re located. The files those are those attachments in the cards. And let’s take a look at each one I guess. So charts charts are awesome. I don’t actually have a picture of a chart because this is the chart. And you’ll see more of it in the demo. The chart is showing all of the tasks grouped by members with that little pie chart thingy on the left. But then on in addition to that the chart allows you to do all sorts of different analysis based on users. Buckets do dates. You can click around and clicking on different things filter’s different things in the task in the in the chart. It’s pretty cool. I’ll show you more in the demo calendars. So within each board they have a calendar. Now what I thought this would be what would be a calendar of all of the tasks that are like for a board. So like online marketing has all those tasks in those different bucket all those cards in those different buckets when you go to the calendar it’s actually an event calendar for that board which I think is kind of weird. [2:12.5]

[00:13:31] I’m not really sure what you mean in the event calendar like so they’re not tied to any of the tasks or to use or anything they’re just. Just mainly create events. [7.8]

[00:13:38] Yes you can. It creates a calendar for each board and you can get to the calendar from the Planner but it doesn’t show tasks on the calendar it only shows events which is kind of weird. Maybe I missed something. It’s somebody can any Somebody can always you know point out my my inaccuracies if I’m missing something but. But the calendar says events for the board. So online marketing has all these different meetings going on. I don’t know why why online marketing cares about server upgrades but that’s neither here nor there members. So as you add people to a board it’s essentially creating an Office 365 group for that board. So online marketing in this case has there has a public group that is all the people that are involved in that board on the Planner. It’s just a easy way to see who’s there you know get their details. [1:15.7]

[00:14:55] Does it create the group when you start adding people in like weirdy. I guess you could say that in the demo. That’s weird. [6.5]

[00:15:02] Yeah I think it creates the group when you when you create the board as you start adding people to the board. Interesting in and then within each board they get their own One-Note notebook. So I think it’s interesting that each board gets a gets a notebook and not each bucket gets a notebook but the notebook is for the whole board. So online marketing has a notebook and it’s a public notebook for them just add stuff and keep track of things and notes. You know I put birthday’s in here and you know that sort of thing. So each board gets its own one note notebook to keep track of stuff. [52.3]

[00:15:55] We have a question KVOA says are the tests open to all members of a board or can the task be secured to you only by individual user. [9.8]

[00:16:05] That is a good question that I don’t know the answer to. I have to figure it out around. Yeah. [6.5]

[00:16:13] It’s it’s not a SharePoint group it’s not an easy group. It’s actually it is a SharePoint group. It’s an Office 365 group. [11.0]

[00:16:25] I don’t know if it came into play here. Certainly there you go. [3.5]

[00:16:30] So it’s an Office 365 group you know Microsoft. Yes. So I don’t know what the advantages are of that but it creates it automatically. So I’ll show you very shortly. [18.6]

[00:16:48] Different things that that group has as well to see that that says it’s an office research group which is the mash up of azure Adey Exchange and SharePoint assets. Yes. Exactly. And it has an email address. Yup. [16.6]

[00:17:07] Speaking of e-mail. OK. Good to know Spatz. Speaking of e-mail. So that conversation’s thing we were talking about earlier about in inside those cards. Those conversations are actually all stored within that groups that Office 365 groups conversations. Can you. No. No. So it’s essentially a group e-mail inbox. So they took office they sixty five groups and kind of just you know integrated that all in their. [47.0]

[00:17:59] And then there’s files. [2.7]

[00:18:02] So all of those attachments that are added to those cards are dumped into a document library that just contains all of the files for that board. [13.0]

[00:18:18] So it reminds me of the documents set concept kind of thing. [5.1]

[00:18:27] You know it just takes all those attachments and it shows them in the tasks but they’re not actually part of the tasks. They’re actually stored in a document library. [10.8]

[00:18:41] Now it’s demo time. [1.2]

[00:18:46] To the times and done there it is. Don’t mind my alerts. Obviously 65 demos. I’m going to delete you. So here we go. Very true Laura. Very true. So this is Planner as you can see this is the hub I was talking about. So it shows all of the boards on the central hub organised by I don’t even know how it is. I don’t know how it decides which is which. Like what. [47.0]

[00:19:33] Order to show these and drag them around and rearrange that order that way just like now I guess. [5.3]

[00:19:39] Now you can drag some stuff around here but not that there is a my tasks which I won’t have any because I haven’t created any for myself yet but we’ll we’ll fix that in a second. So just for fun let’s go into the operations marketing plan. So this is the board this is this is the board for online marketing shows all of the buckets in here. And these are all of the the cards for each bucket. And as you can see as you hover over them you get that fun little check box. I can take this card and move it around if I want to. We and you get an ellipsis next to each bucket which lets you rename or delete it. You can add tasks using the little plus sign on the top and tasks are different to use. Yeah. So here let me open up this YouTube strategies one. So this is a card as we saw in that link. That’s Duzer actually right here. [1:17.2]

[00:20:56] So find stuff to others when I have as much imagination as Laura when I’m creating these things and finish stuff. [15.3]

[00:21:13] Those are all within this card. And then you can check those off as you do them. [4.4]

[00:21:18] That’s your task list every morning right. [1.7]

[00:21:21] Yeah exactly. Find stuff do other stuff in that finish stuff. That’s that’s my day. Basically when you’re within a card you can switched around two different buckets and a drop down here the progress. It doesn’t give you as many progress statuses as a normal task would. So you don’t have you can’t cancel a task for instance and then start dates a calendar due date is also a calendar. Now the show on card check boxes you can show these as you can see as I’m checking and un-checking these things. It is adding them to the card over here in the under YouTube strategies. If I check this box. Well that’s interesting so you can’t show both. You can show the description or you can show the checklist you cannot show both the description and the checklist and you can see it updating live like behind your box as you check done and then check them right. [1:11.8]

[00:22:33] That’s up. So that’s kind of cool. And attachments are different than documents. [5.7]

[00:22:39] The attachments are the documents so if you attach a file here it will actually add to it I actually put that file there and puts it in that document library or whatever that was. [14.3]

[00:22:54] Right. So let’s browse one to make sure it wasn’t like an embedded file as like an attachment to a list item. [9.0]

[00:23:03] Right so let’s add this web launch brief here. And as you can see it shows a little pretty and it removes showing that the hard work wants to know if these will show an outlook. Also I don’t know. All this stuff is so new We’re still learning it too. [21.1]

[00:23:26] Put a link in here. [0.8]

[00:23:34] Is anybody what YouTube is we can not show that on the card. Well that’s cool it’s probably would I do it backwards. [12.9]

[00:23:48] I should read so I don’t know if it’s an issue with my resolution but it’s not showing all of the text which is odd. [14.5]

[00:24:06] Save So the shuttle link on the card if you want it to. [8.8]

[00:24:16] Showing card show this on the card instead it’s prettier. And here is this a this comment section so new comments entered doesn’t post the post. [16.5]

[00:24:36] Let’s add a person to this just for fun. [2.0]

[00:24:39] Allie It’s like this board that you’re on that’s a board that you’re on right. I’m a little hard. You’re a card. OK. Oh my God. It’s like a little miniature Web site. [12.9]

[00:24:53] Kind of hears different labels you can send for these things. [4.2]

[00:24:58] So the only so at this label as we are not done. I don’t know. [8.9]

[00:25:12] So he set that label and you can rename it. That’s not obvious actually. But you can rename the task if you click on it. And there’s actually no saves so because it live updates you can just close it when you’re done. But now you can see it has this little purple tag on it. So let’s actually go check and see if that file shows up in the files section. It should. Have lunch briefs. [42.2]

[00:25:54] That’s what I uploaded. [0.9]

[00:25:59] Perfect. OK. So somehow it’s still associated with that item though. [4.5]

[00:26:04] Oh no because this still says modified 7:5 2016. That’s interesting. [7.1]

[00:26:11] I wonder if these aren’t actually so try it maybe try uploading something that you don’t already have in there and see what happens to it. [8.0]

[00:26:20] Yeah let’s try that open to it any time soon. [3.9]

[00:26:32] He paused screen sharing and you can stop it completely I think. [5.8]

[00:26:40] CH I just don’t know where that upload files are going to go. Yeah that’s when the. [7.1]

[00:26:50] I’m going to. [1.3]

[00:26:54] You can’t. That’s dumb. I was going to an unscreened effort so I can upload a file. OK yeah. Now you see my face. Hi smiley face. [9.0]

[00:27:04] In case anyone was wondering who that mystery person talking was find. I’m going to go test the whole seeing if it connects to Outlook thing. I doubt it but we’ll try. Let’s see do the dishes. [17.5]

[00:27:21] I’m assigning myself a task. [1.3]

[00:27:37] All right. So I uploaded a monthly budget file. As you can see hopefully. Going to open it because it’s my actual monthly budget but had a good name so we Snel go back to here and we will refresh this. Look at that. So it is here. [25.0]

[00:28:02] OK. But how can you tell I wonder how if there’s a way to tell which task it’s associated with like in a SharePoint site you’d have a relationship or something that’s interesting so it doesn’t get library setting. Oh look did a little add a column thing like the little plus. [16.3]

[00:28:19] Oh yeah. [0.6]

[00:28:20] So let’s do show hide columns No you do want to add one. [4.6]

[00:28:25] I don’t want to add a column. Well show hide columns. [6.3]

[00:28:33] So good to see your idea of the user who has set the protection tag and now that’s in all library. [8.1]

[00:28:43] I don’t see anything for the record. [2.9]

[00:28:46] Yes the only one I can think of record right. Yeah. [3.7]

[00:28:51] No no. It’s just whether it’s a record or not. [2.5]

[00:28:54] So that’s interesting. [2.0]

[00:28:58] I love the new way of working and views by the way guys. This is like the way he just quickly like added a column to his view just yeah. Why. And if you don’t save it like it’ll just go back to how it was out. Got a little asterisk. Anyway we’ll talk about we’ll do another power hour on that concept. [16.9]

[00:29:16] Yeah I’m going to see if I can see if there are any column it’s there that it just wasn’t showing. [10.0]

[00:29:30] But I don’t copy source maybe. No that’s that’s for like the sense of this. OK. So interesting. Yeah just drop that in there. Yup. [11.4]

[00:29:42] See what title says in so creative here this hour. Call it view. There it is. [11.0]

[00:29:54] No no. Still those are just titles. [6.4]

[00:30:01] OK. Yeah. All right. So somehow it takes these files and Associates them to the cards and drops them into this documents section. Now what we can try and I I assume I know it will happen but if I remove that file from this card will it remove it from here. Probably not. So I don’t think it associates them to the cards because it doesn’t actually. [37.2]

[00:30:39] Well the card knows which one it is but the document library doesn’t know where it came from. [4.3]

[00:30:44] Right because they think it’s just doing a copy to you know what I mean like it’s not they’re not recursive or anything. It’s just if there’s a new file added to a card it just dumps it in the document library. [13.9]

[00:31:02] That’s interesting. [0.6]

[00:31:06] So there’s that. Scuse me so let’s go ahead and add a new bucket just so we can see what this looks like. So let’s call this one’s friends to do messaging and branding. [13.7]

[00:31:20] It’s the biggest buckets the highest. The board is the highest So online marketing is the board. OK. So a bucket group is networking right. [9.4]

[00:31:35] So let’s call this bucket. We need new things materials. All right. [11.8]

[00:31:47] So add a card here CN That’s interesting so it says Type A task name instead a type A card name so confusing their nomenclature. [11.0]

[00:32:04] And the fact that you can have a task to do is inside of the task. Also confuses me. [5.3]

[00:32:10] Yeah. I wonder it must just be doing a repeating table or something yeah. [6.8]

[00:32:17] And that’s just I mean I’m not maybe people that are more familiar with like project Microsoft Project and different like Project Project management in general. A lot of these concepts are going to go along with apps that are used to from other products. So I think that’s what it’s kind of carrying over. It’s just I’m not used to the nomenclature I’m just used to having a task list and having tasks in it and they’re assigned to people but that’s just it. It’s a more it’s a deeper more complex structure which is good. And I don’t I’m pretty sure you can’t connect them to Outlook though. Allah I. I was just in there playing with one and I didn’t see anything you know that providing for features. [48.1]

[00:33:20] Said do they. What’s nice is that about creating the tasks is a very simple task creation interface. It’s just a you know it keeps it open just keep you know piling on the tasks which is kind of cool. [17.2]

[00:33:38] Say Walcott’s says it’s similar to team foundation server user stories tasks. [4.1]

[00:33:46] So now I can go into these cards. [1.5]

[00:33:47] I want to add more more stuff. [7.2]

[00:33:56] I’m looking at this conversation thing it looks like this comments thing it’s looking like it’s like a news feed. Yeah. [7.6]

[00:34:04] Almost like a version history to you know what I mean. Like created and just like the new speed does like for the new. [11.0]

[00:34:15] We don’t use an excuse anymore. Play sites it’s kind of gone away but it seems like it’s the same concept so it logs everything people type in there. But it also logs just activities that you’re doing. [11.1]

[00:34:36] So that’s creating cards in it’s difference between a to do and a checklist though is that the same thing because I saw a checklist inside of there that check you. Oh OK. Yeah. [9.5]

[00:34:46] That that to do. OK. Got it. Yes. I think you were. I think you’ve been calling it to do well. Hey [9.8]

[00:34:57] it says to do in there though. Like I have one that I created. Oh you know what to do is what like one of the default names of the boards is if you create a new top level you know plan plan B to create a plan just a new plan a new plan. [26.0]

[00:35:23] Let’s create a new plan. [1.1]

[00:35:25] I like what I say because there’s He answers the question for some people that they had about whether who can get to it say make this plan public and you can name your. [11.9]

[00:35:37] You can give your plan the email address Yep and there’s the public create a plan then it probably if you switched it to not be public. [11.1]

[00:35:48] That’s when they would ask you to invite people to it. [2.0]

[00:35:54] Takes a little while. Create a plan I guess because it has to run through and create an email address. [6.9]

[00:36:03] OK so to do the thing that was to do that I saw was in the buckets here. Yeah. Yup so see how you can add a new bucket. So we just created a plan which has buckets in it. [12.0]

[00:36:16] And you can rename this to do bucket if you want to. [2.2]

[00:36:18] OK so but when you open up one of the cards inside of the bucket. Right. It actually not only can you drag him around like you showed but it also has a drop down box in there that lets you move it to a different correct also. OK. All right. You already knew that but I kept seeing the word to do everywhere and it was just because that was the name of my. OK. Yeah. [24.0]

[00:36:44] So huge. All right. So just for fun Zs. Oh and here’s a grouping so that’s cool. Go away. Mischief’s so obnoxious. So right now it’s group by bucket’s. You can group it by a sign to. [18.3]

[00:37:04] So there you go. That’s kind of cool. And you can grab it by progress. So not started in progress completed. [6.5]

[00:37:12] When you switched over to chart’s does it have grouping as well. Yes. Yeah we’ll get to charts. Sorry. OK. I can’t throw you off. You had a really reasonable way that you were methadose all the people going through there and I just. [13.3]

[00:37:26] Yeah. So one thing I want to try was I wanted to see No. I wanted to see if I could change this to oh there it is plan. [16.6]

[00:37:44] Let’s unmake this plan public because that’s good English. Now it’s locked. [7.2]

[00:37:52] The little icon change there. OK so you can change it afterwards. That plan that I just created this Web site redesign. So right now there’s no there are no people in it. It’s just me and the administrator. So if we go to members which will be that office 365 group as you can see it opens outlook. [28.7]

[00:38:21] Technically So it has nobody here which makes sense. [13.0]

[00:38:36] OK. So let’s add a card here. I want to test something actually let’s add the member First let’s add a person named Julie like you Dan. Dan Dan jumps all right there. [28.8]

[00:39:05] What’s is it. Oh it’s looking for existing numbers right. Well I’m saying add your child had that number we’re Yeah there are a billion people in there I’m not sure. [13.3]

[00:39:20] That’s odd. What I really want to know. Yeah I would I would agree with that. What I was going to try was adding comments in here and seeing if they show up in the conversation section of the Planner. [24.7]

[00:39:46] OK. That would make sense since attachments end up showing up somewhere else. Owen makes a comment that goes somewhere else I wonderfully wonderful links no links didn’t get out of the library did they. I wonder where they go. [11.5]

[00:39:59] Probably nowhere. All right. Let’s go to conversations. [4.4]

[00:40:04] See mentioning if this thing was like dying on me. [12.6]

[00:40:19] That’s right. So it takes you over to like your e-mail like people area right taking me over to the it’s like if you were in an office 365 waffle and you clicked people it looks kind of like that like this is the same similar area. [18.6]

[00:40:38] Yeah it’s part of outlook. [1.1]

[00:40:46] Interesting. [0.7]

[00:40:50] Now I don’t want to see my host or even the core Yemens in here. [6.0]

[00:40:56] How does that even make sense. [1.1]

[00:40:58] I think it opened up your actual I think it authenticated as you. Your other some other account officer. See there’s the business solutions group that I just saw in there and I think I created that in my other tenants. So it’s actually authenticated you do a different tenant. Oh yeah. Yeah that’s right. That’s one of our Athel that I know the authentication part and Office 365 drives me nuts sometimes. Sign out. There we go. That’s where that ear in the state like in the same browser decide to do that because usually with me when I’m if I’m in the same browser and the same like just tabs in the same browser it doesn’t get confused. [38.4]

[00:41:37] It just work didn’t even work anyway it didn’t work. That’s awesome. Yeah. Sign out. You try that though. [8.5]

[00:41:47] I mean apparently I’m going insane. All right. I signed out of that. I’m still theoretically signed into this. Let’s try conversations again. [8.8]

[00:41:58] See this is the way you use another account. Because I don’t I don’t I don’t remember what it’s called. [6.3]

[00:42:05] Yes. M. Deighton 7 says he usually has to go in private yet. You wouldn’t think that you’d have to go in private when he just wants to use the same log in for everything everything he’s doing. But yeah I have to do that in private thing like pretty much all day long. Do any other people in here have multiple tenants that you log into in your browser to get all confused like constantly and like Corry’s go through I think it’s admin at. [29.6]

[00:42:42] Did we lose Cory that says he was a deaf tenant Oh yeah. [14.7]

[00:42:58] Yeah I have I have several test tenants and they’re like if you’re a Microsoft partner then you can go to demos dot Microsoft dot com and you can get just get a whole tenant given to you that’s an idea and that’s what Corey is showing right here. Corey hear me. Yes. OK. Are you. It’s at it’s admen at. All I can do right now is trying to log in. [24.4]

[00:43:24] Yeah that’s where I lost the I think Corey’s computer is spat out on him. [9.4]

[00:43:36] No and you don’t want to have multiple tenants. Oh we lost Cory. [5.5]

[00:43:43] You know I blame the Google Hangouts. Maybe he’ll. There he is. He’s back. He’s muted though. Corey you’re muted. [10.1]

[00:43:54] Yes. There you go. Did your computer freak out on you. [2.7]

[00:43:57] No it was just the the Internet you know stupid internet. I’m too lazy to pull my lower back. I’m going to share my screen. OK. So it looks like we’re finally in the right place. [21.6]

[00:44:20] Thank you Officer 65. [1.9]

[00:44:22] Woo. [0.5]

[00:44:25] R-Ind. So what’s interesting is that those comments that I just put in are here. That’s good. So we have a new conversation that is new come and test another comment. And [12.8]

[00:44:38] those are the ones that I just put into this card so cool. [5.3]

[00:44:47] So yet every time you put in comments here it adds them as conversations in the office 365 group as you can see which is awesome. That’s a good way to keep track of that stuff. What’s good with that is if you if you go through and end up deleting these tasks then you’ll still have record of those conversations. So that’s good from a. And accountability. Perspective. Yeah definitely. Awesome. Let’s see. Try to think here so let’s look at charts charts are I. [46.4]

[00:45:33] I cannot wait to look at charts. Corey you’re getting to targets. [3.4]

[00:45:37] I was on the seat as well coming to char it’s done. [7.4]

[00:45:44] Done. So charts are pretty cool. They’re not as cool as they could be but that’s just my cynicism talking. When you open up charts it gives you that same pie that you had in the Planner hub. And then it gives you this by default it gives you this members thing which shows you all of the tasks by members and they’re colour coded so blue is in progress. Yellow is not started. [32.0]

[00:46:17] Orange if you will that reminds me of something that we really need to in essence address one time. Yeah. Yeah exactly. [7.8]

[00:46:24] That one either had like the tartlets thrown away or other had like 200 or just a little background for that so we had we had a customer onboarding system and we wanted to make an SRS report of all of the overdue tasks in there and there were like 30 or 40 people that had tasks so it was a big chart but everybody had one or two overdue tasks and then all of a sudden there was a guy that had like a hundred and seventy six overdue tasks. And so everybody looked like they had nothing. And it was just this one guy this huge red bar gluttonously the white lady. [39.8]

[00:47:05] No. [0.1]

[00:47:06] I actually think that was our fault that he had that money because they weren’t assigned to him and then we had to go through and change some assigned TOS and all of a sudden he can stop them all. Well see. Anyway. So it shows this overview. It’s clickable. I don’t know if you noticed but when I clicked on it it actually filtered this task. [24.3]

[00:47:31] Oh that is right. [1.3]

[00:47:33] That is a really cool ad of his tasks which was awesome is unassigned. Let’s look at Belinda and Garth and then if you you can get rid of the filter by using this little X here so then it will show all of them. You can actually add tasks from here which I think is kind of odd. It doesn’t seem like the right screen to be adding sand there screen this they’re going to confuse people because they’re calling it tasks or even other cards in other places. Anyway so you can add new ones here if you want to. And then it has this grouping capability so you can group them by a sign to and then do a progress like the one that’s bucket’s So it kind of groups them by the different projects that you’re doing which is cool. And then here members you can actually when you click on these people and hit the X what it was doing yesterday. And isn’t doing now is out there that’s where it is. So when you click on people here interestingly enough it actually highlights the tasks on the right hand column and so on. Alex and now it shows all of the tasks that are assigned to Alex highlighted in blue which is an interesting way to do that. [1:45.2]

[00:49:19] So it was kind of cool. [1.0]

[00:49:24] You can actually refine things here if on the left here you can click on like the not started or late and it’ll filter the tasks on the right hand side. It doesn’t filter. [12.3]

[00:49:37] It shows them to you so it like scrolls through late not started because they’re grouped by now no but it’s interesting because it changes things. Yeah that’s a. If you click on not started it groups my progress. It changes them and they all like that. [28.3]

[00:50:05] What do you think if you change the in-progress the changes to a group by progress. I think it’s kind of fascinating. [7.4]

[00:50:14] Yeah. Somebody had their thinking cap on creating that. Oh yeah. [3.4]

[00:50:21] Yeah. So that’s for the most part that’s chart’s you can still open cards in here to get more details. And you know do the same things that you would normally do on them. You can still mark think of them complete in here if you want to add to that checkbox where you the notebook opens in a new tab and just brings you to that. Basically one drive that one drive notebook is nice. Let’s see here. Yes this calendar thing again it’s it’s an Outlook thing and it brings you to the online marketing calendar but it doesn’t show tasks What is it showing exactly what. [57.7]

[00:51:19] Click on something. Meetings Yeah. But I wonder if somebody just manually create somebody it’s just mainly created those and those aren’t anything from those boards or anything that we were looking at. [13.2]

[00:51:33] Not not from what I can tell. No. Clad in Mobile. [5.6]

[00:51:39] So like this one cloud mobile professionals like Garst know if I want to attend so. [8.2]

[00:51:47] So some final thought so what happens I wonder if you go to Dell. Is Delf going to show you. Because if you have a certain level of Tennent which I know this demo one has if you go to the waffle menu or go to delve it’s going to have like delve analytics. So I wonder if Dell analytics incorporates things that you do so quickly and analytics on the left and then so dull analytics is really cool. Speaking of. You know charts and things this is fairly new. It doesn’t exist in my E-3 Tennent I think. So this demo Tennent that you’re in is like E5. Oh this is awesome like it tells you how many hours you’re spending on your e-mail who you’re e-mailing how many hours you’re you know it’s just all like about you doing work and yourself. But I wonder if the Dell stuff like I mean if the Planner stuff you would think it would roll up into here like you would even be tasking at meetings. That’s interesting. Gee I never do that. [1:08.9]

[00:52:57] You know I don’t see anything you know I mean nothing obvious that looks like a task or a board or something. Right. [12.6]

[00:53:11] Even just in the regular Delph Balticon a tenant so you’re not really doing anything in there. [7.5]

[00:53:20] I mean I’m in those groups I think. [2.4]

[00:53:23] But that’s interesting. [3.3]

[00:53:26] So something that’s frustrating to me about Planner is that no Christian you can’t mention somebody in the comments I tried that is frustrating frustrating to me about Planner is that it’s not integrated with SharePoint at all. It’s sort of like an office 365 group where you’ve got documents and stuff and the notebook but it sort of got some sane settings some stuff is like a team site with a document library. It’s a completely separate thing. It’s not like a site where you can go create workflows or anything on it. Right. And it’s not integrated with light you can’t integrate it with a SharePoint site at all it just shows like down like listed along with all your groups. So technically it’s a group but it can’t do team site type of stuff. And I’m pretty sure that if I created like some sort of roll up web part and SharePoint or did a search in SharePoint I don’t think Planner’s stuff would show in there that would anyway. So that’s that’s pretty frustrating to me. Yeah it’s what do you guys think or do you think this is a separate enough type of deal where you know managing projects and having tasks and things that you don’t really need to integrate it with SharePoint so it’s not that big of a deal apparently someone thought that because they went on forward with building this as it’s completely its own thing. [1:24.7]

[00:54:53] Yeah I’m looking around now to see if there’s a way to like ADD or like go to almost like call it called home page of the group. [13.3]

[00:55:08] No a group has. So in the future like probably a couple of weeks team site when you create a group or teams. It’s like it going to be the same thing. Like they mentioned in the future SharePoint and it will have a home page. So technically it will be a group and it will be a team site you’ll be able to do all the stuff in groups and team sites in that in there. And it’s not going to be you know two completely separate things. But this is a completely separate thing. This is just like a group with. It doesn’t have a home page it has like the home page would be that big pretty thing where it shows like your boards and on the graphs and stuff on the front. [38.4]

[00:55:47] Yeah I do agree with Stuart that it’s just another place that you would have to go to look for tasks. [8.0]

[00:55:55] I know and nobody anywhere. Now they don’t. [6.7]

[00:56:03] It’s very very pretty and I love how modern it is. I love how easy and intuitive is to get around in here. It makes me happy because you know we don’t want to have to spend a bunch of time training people. [11.9]

[00:56:15] We want it to just to just hand them the technology and for it to just make sense. So I like that about it it’s very colourful It makes it kind of draws you in because it makes you want to like click on things that’s very easy to click on things and do you know complete tasks and you don’t have to have a Ph.D. in SharePoint to be able to work in there. So those are the things I like about I just don’t like that it’s a separate thing. Thanks Corey that was a great demo. What do you guys think. [29.8]

[00:56:45] Last question anyone use both. [7.3]

[00:56:53] Yeah. I mean it’s just like one more tabs to keep open almost specially. I don’t know because I I saw it. When you add a new task it adds it to like a conversation the group e-mail but I don’t know if the person actually gets notified that they have a new task. Because then something new and cool. I don’t know that it’s completely ready for primetime yet though. [34.2]

[00:57:29] You can see in an office 365 when you go to your inbox. That’s just e-mail. So when you go to when you click on tasks in office 365 It doesn’t have like that’s just a task list so tasks and Planner are two different things. Right. But be nice. So Planner is what tasks that office stock com. So maybe there’s a plan to merge those together. So yeah. All right. Well thanks everybody. [34.1]

[00:58:04] Anybody going to ignite shouted out in the chat window. I will be there. I’ll be there next week. We will be teaching our power user class all week so you guys please spread the word. It’s SharePoint power user it’s you know all lists and library settings and managing sites and site settings and web parts and all that fun stuff. [21.0]

[00:58:26] And let me put it back on my face for you. And then the week after that is ignite and I’ll be speaking there I’m doing three sessions two of them are a little 20 minute sessions but but one of them is apparently so many people signed up for it. They’re creating a second copy of it anyway so I’ll be doing that twice. And I think just so popular. Yeah. I haven’t created any of that content yet. Right. So you guys in October I guess to answer your question. [36.5]

[00:59:03] KBH I believe you cannot do permissions on you may be able to do permissions on the files that are in the document library for the Planner but you can’t do permissions on individual cards or tasks. So anything that’s in a card is going to be viewable to anyone in the group. [19.7]

[00:59:25] Not like item level permissions like driving. [2.0]

[00:59:28] But realistically I mean everyone in the group is going to be privy to the project. Maybe I don’t know. [7.4]

[00:59:36] Yeah looks like you could probably since it is a library KBH you could probably go to individual like manually go to individual permissions on it. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend that. And this is the existing power user so this is not like that. So this will be like the power user level too. Last week I was talking about like renaming the power user class. I haven’t technically renamed it yet but I need to do that before night. [21.2]

[00:59:57] So since thanks for it. Thanks everybody. Thank you. All right bye bye. [10.0]


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