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Sway: Create meaningful stories in an instant

Zeyad Rajabi

Meet Sway, a new Office app that lets you easily create presentations, reports, and stories to share with the world. Start by adding photos, videos, and multimedia from favorite sources like your computer, OneDrive, and the web. Then sit back and let Sway’s intelligent design engine put them together in a style that works for you. Unlike traditional apps, Sway can really bring stories to life with dynamic features like photo stacks and comparison sliders as well as interactive elements like embedded tweets and polls. Finally, Sway is web-based so you can easily share and co-edit it with a link, and it will look great on any device. Come to our session to learn the latest on Sway, and how it could help your business reimagine productivity.

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Summit 2016 and was presented by Zeyad Rajabi.

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