Ant Clay
This session is part of the global re-education of what ‘SharePoint Governance’ REALLY is and how it is the essential element to enable your organisation to deliver business value through the SharePoint platform. We’ll talk about the 7 waves needed for a holistic approach to SharePoint Governance, I’ll take your through the 3 primary ways of applying Governance in your organization and finally we will look at how to align SharePoint with your businesses vision in both project delivery and on-going into the future.
Features Covered:
  • Sharepoint Governance
Session Objectives:
  • A Review of current SharePoint Governance “thinking” and why it is fundamentally flawed
  • The Seven Waves as an approach to delivering Holistic SharePoint Governance
  • Approaches and tools for applying Governance effectively
  • Real examples of how this new approach to SharePoint Governance has benefited our customers.
  • The content of this session is based upon the highly acclaimed book “The SharePoint Governance Manifesto”

This session was delivered at the SPBiz Conference and was presented by Ant Clay.

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