The Search Immaturity Cycle, and How to Create a Search Strategy

Jeff Fried

SharePoint incorporates some very powerful search capabilities, yet most search projects fail and most organizations are still dissatisfied with the state of search in their organization. Why? Because they are stuck in the "Search Immaturity Cycle" and lack essential ingredients for success, especially an understanding of how to approach this nebulous area. Organizations that have been successful with search and Search-Driven Applications experience remarkable value; this session shares the results of research across several hundred organizations and shares the traits that led to failure and the patterns that led to success.

One key takeaway is that organizations with a search strategy and an overall information management strategy are much more successful; we share a recipe for creating such a strategy and gaining a mandate within organizations.
This session also shows you how to approach search and search-driven application projects to reduce the risk of failure, reduce the cost of development, deployment and operation, and make the users happy with the results.
We using a fun, interactive approach, pose a series of challenges, and show how to solve them. You’ll see some nice success cases, and learn some warning signs that tell you when to run away. You will leave this session with a some insights you can apply immediately, as well as an understanding for how to be successful in the big picture with Search and SharePoint.

This session was delivered at the SP24 Conference and was presented by Jeff Fried.

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