Jeff Fried

Cloud Hybrid Search (part of SharePoint 2016 and available for SharePoint 2013) supports a single index in the cloud referencing content from on-premises as well as O365 – dramatically reducing server footprint and maintenance effort. But that’s just a start – you can use this facility creatively to solve lots of common issues.

This session shows you how to apply Cloud Hybrid Search and the Cloud SSA successfully to 5 common scenarios. Each of these scenarios will be covered in a mini-case study of a real deployment.

The session will show attendees
– How to successfully plan & architect, how it fits MSFT roadmap
– Understand Scaling, Perf, and Security
– Limitations and gotchas, and how to resolve them
– Techniques and tools for global deployment
– Extending to external content
– Feeding the Office Graph and Delve.

In this session you will learn:

  • what cloud hybrid search is and why you would use it
  • how to successfully overcome limitations and gaps in cloud hybrid search to get to full business benefit.
  • some ‘low-hanging fruit’ solutions you can apply quickly in your organization
  • the understanding and tools you need to make hybrid sharepoint and hybrid search successful and grow it to meet even the most demanding situations
  • how to light up Delve, and how to extend compliance beyond O365 and SharePoint into other content systems

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Global Conference 2016 and was presented by Jeff Fried.

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