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Paolo Pialorsi

With the latest versions of SharePoint (2013/2016) and SharePoint Online, there is a new approach for provisioning artifacts called Remote Provisioning. In fact, the Feature Framework, CAML and the Sandboxed solutions have many downsides and are not completely supported in Office 365. Full Trust Code WSP solutions are not supported at all in Office 365.
Meanwhile, through the Remote Provisioning you can provision artifacts and information architectures targeting both on-premises and the cloud, using exactly the same approach.
The OfficeDev PnP ( community project provides us the PnP Provisioning Engine, which leverages the Remote Provisioning technique to provision and update artifacts, targeting both SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online. The PnP Provisioning Engine provides also the capability to extract artifacts definitions from an already existing site, which can be used as a template.
In this session you will learn what the PnP Provisioning Engine is, how it is architected, and how to use it in your own real-life solutions.

This session was delivered at the Collab365 Summit 2016 and was presented by Paolo Pialorsi.

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