This is the latest blog in our series explaining exactly how to install Microsoft SharePoint 2016. We’ve now installed all the prerequisites for SharePoint 2016 and we can also resolve the perequisite installation issues, if any.

SharePoint 2016 Installation Series:

This series of posts will explain exactly how to install SharePoint 2016 on Windows Server 2013

  1. Install Windows Server 2013 R2, AD and the Pre-reqs
  2. How to install SQL Server 2014
  3. How to install the SharePoint 2016 prerequisites
  4. How to configure SharePoint 2016 with the config wizard (this post)
  5. How to create and configure your first Site Collection


Now, we are going to configure SharePoint 2016 using the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard. To do this, you need to understand about the new MinRole within SharePoint 2016. Based on your findings you can choose the most suitable option to install. However, in this guide we’ll install onto a Single Server option.

14. Next “Welcome to SharePoint Products” screen is a informative screen that shows the information required to complete the Configuration of SharePoint Products. Click on Next button to continue.

15. On the “SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard” check out the information and Click on Yes button to continue.

16.  On following “Connect to a Server farm” screen, select the radio button to “Create a new server farm” if you don’t have existing server farm. Click on Next button to continue.

17.  On the “Specify Configuration Database Settings” screen, you need to provide the Instance name of SQL Server 2014 R2 to configure the SharePoint Configuration database. Also you need to add the user credentials for access to the database in SQL Server. The specified user must have the following permissions for that database.

  • DBCreator
  • Sysadmin
  • SecurityAdmin
  • Public

Click on Next button to continue.

18. On the next “Specify Farm Security Settings” screen, you need to provide a Passphrase then click on the Next button to continue.

19. On the following “Specify Server Role” Screen, select a role that is suitable for your requirement. We’ll select Single-Server farm in our case. Click on Next button to continue.

20. On the following screen, you can provide an available port to run the SharePoint Central Administration Web Application. Also, choose your preferred authentication provider for the web application. Click on Next button to continue…

21. On the next screen, you need to verify the configuration details and click on Next button to continue…

22. On the “Configuring SharePoint Products” screen you can check the configuration progress. If any errors are encountered during this configuration you will receive a notification.

23. When you receive the “Configuration Successful” screen this means you have completed the configuration and can now check the configuration settings before moving onto the SharePoint Central Administrator Web Application.

Click on Finish button to exit the screen.

SharePoint 2016 RTM has now been configured successfully. Congratulations!! 

Click here to go to part 5 where we will look at how to configure the first site collection in SharePoint 2016

Note – Kindly verify the configuration and other databases at this stage.

Hope, this will be help to all. Please feel free to write to me if you face any issues.

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