Windows Azure : Central component of your SharePoint DevOps

Sebastien Levert

The Cloud can help you and your organization to maximize your investments and to simplify your business processes for all your SharePoint activities. Windows Azure can offer you a lot of services that can allow you to transform your infrastructures, your development paradigm and your IT teams to start thinking in terms of DevOps. In this session, our goal will be to show you how to use the Azure platform in an enterprise where SharePoint is used as an application platform. Subjects covered will be :
Windows Azure as IaaS
Windows Azure as CDN
Windows Azure as hub for all your ALM with Visual Studio Online
Windows Azure as an application layer for all your SharePoint Apps
Windows Azure as a complex integration environment
Windows Azure as an encoding service with Media Services
Windows Azure as a deployment framework
The cloud and Windows Azure to help the SharePoint platform, it’s possible!
By S?bastien Levert and Julien Stroheker – Twitter: @sebastienlevert and @Ju_Stroh

This session was delivered at the SP24 Conference and was presented by S├ębastien Levert.

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