Power Apps Default Icons

If you’ve built a Power App, it’s highly likely that you have explored Power Apps default library of Icons and used them. Whilst the list of useable icons is consistently growing and do include adjustable properties such as fill and outline colour, they are quite boring, standard and not out to impress your users.

There is an element of less is better, which seems to be the current trend in design work – which is probably the reason Microsoft have built their icons like this. However, there are other designs currently trending – and you should definitely explore your options before publishing your next Power App.

Icons 8

Now, before we get started talking about this fantastic site – it’s important to point out that whilst they have a huge library of over 100,000 icons not all of them are free. With that said, the majority of them are and only require you to create and sign in using an account.

Head over to Icons8.com to begin exploring. There are icon packs to explore which contain large libraries of matching themed icons to download as well as a handy search criteria section to find an icon specifically to suit your need.

How can I use my Icons in Power Apps?

Importing Icons into your Power App is as easy as selecting the media panel on the left hand side in Power Apps Studio and selecting upload. Navigate to your downloaded icon and press open. You can then drag and drop your icon on to your canvas.

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Connor Deasey (Collab365)